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Beer Faucet Covers

My LHBS sold me on buying 4 of those black, plastic faucet covers. Are they really necessary? It’s not like I have flies buzzing in and out of my faucets. It seems to me these covers will get far nastier than the faucets ever would uncovered. I think I got sold…

Im not so sure about that, Dont sound like a bad idea really. My keezer and kegarater is in my out door kitchen and the kitchen is mostly screened in. during the summer the faucets get dusty and dirty. Not to say i dont constantly clean them but covers would be a cool idea.

My buddy has them on his Perlick’s and they get really nasty if he doesn’t wash them regularly. I don’t use them and my Ventmatics are fly free.

I keep them on the perlicks on my kegerator in my garage, but do not use them on the kegerator I have in the house. You do have to clean them regularly though.

Where I live in Maine the past few years have been bad for fruit flies. I got some covers but have to clean them at least every other day. I also leave a little sanitizer in them, sees to help, and I don’t even worry about those disease laden flies anymore!

I’ve got 'em. Other than having to clean them every once in a while they keep the bugs and dust out of the tap. So yes I am losing out on the extra protein in my diet.

ahhh… a Scotsman!

not only do they cut down on flys but they help keep the tap works from drying out and getting sticky. my taps use to freeze up(get stuck)until I started using caps during periods of over a day that I didn’t use the taps.

I also have them they are in a drawer some where they worked when I had the brew shop in the garage but now that I’m inside the house I haven’t needed them yet.

I have two kinds - one the black boots and the other is a set of brushes that have a flat piece, so that it inserts the brush part in the tap up to the flat part (or hilt, more or less). I use the brush style in the summer and the boots in the winter, since my four tapper is in the garage. I spray them both with Star San when in use and they stay pretty clean.

I use them when the fruit flies are noticeable and to signify that a keg is empty or not carbed yet if I’m having people over.

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