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Beer Conditioning

Just had a question about beer conditioning. Many times I will condition my beers in the keg. Is there any benefit to conditioning with CO2 pressure, or not. I normally will put the CO2 on serving pressure (10 psi or so) when I condition. Also, is there any benefit to using a secondary fermenter (with an airlock, etc.) to condition vs. a keg. I’ve got an Octoberfest coming up and I want to make sure that my 2 months of conditioning are done properly!

On Deck - Octoberfest
P1 - Dead Ringer IPA
P2 - Empty
S1 - Empty
K1 - Innkeeper
K2 - Empty

As far as with and without CO2, I’ve done both with an Innkeeper and couldn’t detect any difference.

If you aren’t cold crashing prior to kegging, I’d suggest a secondary. You free up the primary and you have a better chance of bringing over less sediment when you rack to the keg. But if you can cold crash the primary for a couple of days and have a steady hand while siphoning, I don’t see a need for conditioning in the secondary.

I agree with MV. One benefit I see of conditioning with CO2 is that you are carbing your beer while it is conditioning.

Depending on the beer, I will filter, which means I can’t age while under CO2 or there would be MAJOR foaming issues.

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