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Beer calculator

Whats a good beer calculator i can download off the internet thats free. Beersmith is killing me>

It is easy enough to use. Not the best out there by any means but will work for recipe figuring.

I hope it helps.

Here are some screen shots off their website. Will give you an idea of the software.

I use Beer Calculus[/url]. There is also [url=]Brew Target

[quote=“Conroe”]I use Beer Calculus[/url]. There is also [url=]Brew Target

I have used beer calculus in the past. Wasn’t that big of a fan. But brew target looks pretty damn cool.

Downloaded Brew Target to my Mac…crashed on me and seems very limited. I’m in the process of choosing a software as well and so far BS works the best.

Think I will stick with BeerSmith…Not sure what you mean about it killing you.

I find I use as much as I do any of them. Very simple and easy to use. :cheers:

I’ve used brewtarget with success, it is similar to beersmith, but with less bells and whistles. PC.

What seems to be the issue with BeerSmith?

Well after working with it a couple nights its gotten easier I just have trouble plugging in all my grains and hops weight getting it down to the once. Im sure after using it enough ill get use to it. Any help with it would be appreciated

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