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Beer bottle labels making

Hi all,

What do you all do for bottle labels? Do you have a label making site you would recommend? Would love to make some nice labels for some brew we gift to friends.


I have used grog tag a couple of times. Not cheap but labels came out ok. There are prob many choices, I just happened to fall into this one.

I have used They usually have some sort of promotion or coupon. Easily removable as well.

There’s a shrink sleeve called Fastlabel you can use w/o the need for adhesive. You’d have to print out your design and cut the labels, but it’s an option.

Print them out on brewers friend and stick them on with milk

^^^^ Really? Milk? :wink: Sneezles61


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This is what I use.

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They don’t moooove?? :cow:


My brother works in politics and so he has a lot of contacts in the local graphic design and printing industries. I get a pretty good deal on small batches of custom labels and I don’t have to pay for shipping which is nice.

I’ve seen some fair prices from the company I order my caps from, Bottle Mark.

When I bottled and labeled as well I designed some neat labels myself and used the fat free milk approach as mentioned above. Works like a dream and they come off easy too!

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I do the same, works great!

My wife created a template for me using an inexpensive graphics application (Print Master) that she had from long ago. I fill in the beer name & ABV and print them on Avery adhesive labels (2x3 labels/sheet). I only print labels when I’m giving beer as a gift or bringing beer to a party.

I was able to get some tags made… kinda like a repair tag you’d see… they are spendy, so I didn’t use them… 1.56" masking tape all the way now! :sunglasses: Sneezles61

I use Microsoft Publisher to create the label image since its very flexible, then either print on plain paper and use the FastLabel shrink sleeve as @Voltron mentioned above, or print them on gummed label making paper. A quick coat of spray polyurethane after printing helps keep the ink from running if the labels get a bit damp.

I have also used plain paper and milk as @brew_cat suggested - it really does work.

I hate to say it but printing on plain 20lb paper and attaching with milk works the best!

I print through Lightroom.

If you want more info on printing just send me a message


Thanks for all the suggestions.



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