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Beer and a Deer

I did a brew today, extract.
It was 14 degrees and few inches of new snow over night.
I was watching the boil through the door when a deer came around the corner watching me.
I don’t know if he wanted my beer or maybe just the heat from the burner. :slight_smile:
I wonder what he would of thought if I was doing a batch of Caribou Slobber.



They have a good sense of smell. Leave your spent grains out for her

Funny, you must live by me… When I brew, all those girls show up for hot lunch too! I have a fan blowing the moisture out a window… They will stand maybe 10 yards away… Waiting… Sneezles61

that’s a buck…lol

Mulie? I’ve put out spent grain that they’ve not touched. I figured there was better chow available so they weren’t interested in spent grains. Bro in law did the same thing and threw some or that molasses based deer attractant on them. They smashed 'em!

Yep, it is a mule deer, that is what we have here in Central Colorado.
There were three bucks here yesterday, just this one was interested in what I was doing.
I have put out spent grain before and it has gone un-touched. I feel uncomfortable doing that in the Summer when the bears are out and about. We get enough of them wondering around, don’t need to be attract them.
I did put this batch of spent grain out and will see what they do this time.

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Didn’t look at the picture but my daughter lives in Eagle and those mule deer walk around downtown. Now if you can get some elk to visit would really be cool. They are a little smarter

All tasty!

^^^^ I suspect your referring to the … beer? Sneezles61

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Around here if you happen to mistake a moose or elk for a whitetail there is a penalty. No mule deer in these parts…

Last week saw a bobcat by the garden. Haven’t seen any cotton tails for two weeks now.

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“IF” you happen to see those big ungulates around these parts… There is something fishy going on… Moose are a couple of hours north of here… Although, last fall we had a huge black bear on our deck looking in the patio door… Sneezles61

Got an old recipe for raccoon fricasee. Under the right conditions, it’s all tasty!

Probably none for a few more weeks, eh? Sneezles61

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Yeah, mine have been hangin’ in the smoke shack for awhile. :laughing:


He kinda looks like he is wearing a batman mask.

Thats cause yer looking through some grainy Briess steam? hhhmmm? Sneezles61 :joy:

I used to dump my spent grains in the woods in central NY. The only time deer or anything else would really eat it was during a very bad winter. Must be it’s edible but not a favorite.

mice love the stuff

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