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Beating the Mosquitos with our own game

You may have seen Butane mosquito traps for sale but did you know you can make you own traps with the simple fermentation we all know so well.

Some sciencey links to begin the thread.

If you read up of this most people fail to make the trap work. But also they have no clue as how to keep yeast happy or how fast yeast works.

You know most of this already…

“Human foot odour was released from nylon socks (40 Den, 100% polyamide,
HEMA, The Netherlands) worn by WHS (laboratory experiments) or KJvR
(semi-field and field experiments) for 12 h prior to the experiments [6,12,13,26-29].
A clean nylon sock served as a control. Socks were placed along the
odour outlet tube of the MM-X trap without blocking the airflow and held
in position by odourless tape (3M™ Double Coated Tape 400; used in
laboratory experiments) or by a small metal wire (in (semi-)field

Holy Moly… I’m staying indoors when out in sub Saharan Africa… Well, wait a minute… I won’t be going there anyways… I enjoy my backyard soooo much… Right now, we are having nights down to mid 40’s… That keeps our state bird in check… Not banging on your post Squeegee… Very intense reading right there… Sneezles61

All you have to do is make a starter, molasses preferred , plus old sock, and you won’t have to worry about state bird at all. haha

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We had on of the propane powered mosquito control gadgets (mosquito magnet) at our last home. You placed it between you and the source, put in the magic stuff and lit it. The thing actually knocked them down pretty well considering how bad they were.

At our new home they are not bad at all except if there is no breeze which is rare. Had no trouble selling the mosquito magnet. We do have an abundance of spiders being so close to the lake and have a company spray the house once a month. We also have something the spider guy called midges. Clouds of little bugs that don’t seem to have any purpose. Love to figure out how to get rid of them.

I saw a few Mn. state birds flying around with Red and Black CPO’s on last night! Some poor peeps were consumed by them and they commandeered the jacket… RIP poor soul…:disappointed: Sneezles61

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Now I know what to do with all those unmated socks.

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