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Bavarian wheat kit

I am getting ready for my second batch of brewing. I will be doing the 5 gallon Bavarian wheat beer . Since according to the priming sugar calculator I may have used too much on my currently bottled chinook iPa ( I sort of assumed I should use the 5 oz that came in the kit). I noticed the calculator calls for significantly more than the 5 oz included with the Bavarian wheat beer kit.
I guess I should add some … But I am curious why the kit would not have it.

More than 5 ounces when carbonating to style? I never carbonate that high. I carbonate any beer to the level I enjoy/like. As an example I will go as high as 2.8 volumes for a Hefeweizen even though the style is higher.

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Are you looking at the carbonation levels for a hefeweizen that’s calling for 3.6 volumes? I wouldn’t carb that high with standard beer bottles. Champagne bottles, yes, but you’re in potential bottle bomb territory with that much pressure in a thin bottle. Like @flars says, keep it at 2.8 or so. I wouldn’t go over 3 volumes in a standard glass bottle.

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Yes, I used the pick list selection on the calculator for the Bavarian heffe 5 gal, temp 67 deg , and it calls for 7.3 oz of corn sugar.

You’re right I checked the NB calculator and another one and they are both pretty damn close to that amount of corn sugar for that style beer. It surprised me. I would be very leery of adding that much myself. Maybe give them a call and see what they say before bottling.

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I am also planning to extend the batch up just a bit to maybe 5.25 gal to make sure I get a full batch. Is it ok to add maybe a cup of the wheat beer malt extract liquid to my mix to keep the flavor up?

Good question, now the need to know to help answer part, because of the trub and such left behind? Or are you trying to account for vapor loss? Both of which will account for loss of volume, but it should be accounted for into the recipe/grain bill. Now if your trying for a higher ABV, then we would have to help you understand the points per pound to figure how to adjust your recipe/grain bill to meet your wants… Sneezles61

Yes mainly due to trub I guess. What happened in my last batch of chinook ipa was we got bottling it and got 45 bottles out of it. I was prob a little too conservative leaving out what I thought was “heavy stuff” at the end of the bottling. So I thought I would just add a bit more volume to start the fermenting this time. Someone mentioned in a previous thread that some do this in order to be sure they end up with a “full batch”.

I brew a lot of hefeweizen and I use 4.5. Ounces of table sugar with good carbonation, (some might prefer more)which converts to about an even 5 oz of corn sugar…7plus ounces would be a lot for bottling, i would think, but I’ve never gone that high.

5/8 cup cane sugar or 3/4 cup corn sugar, per 5 gallons. Never any more than that, never ever, I don’t care what anyone says. Perhaps I should also mention that I bottle exclusively, almost 150 batches over the past 18 years, so I like to think I know what I’m talking about.


I sometimes carb pretty high, but with really dry saison and sours. Saison I like carbed at 3.5-4.0 volumes. But that’s because it’s so darn dry, the prickliness of the carbonation adds another dimension. Going to be blending a gueuze-type beer in a few months and targeting about 5 volumes.


Champagne or Belgian bottles only. No caps, they’ll fly off before the bottles break when you’re using a heavy glass bottle. Cork and cage, or cork and cap only.

Seriously, though… don’t carb to over 3 volumes in a normal beer bottle. Someone will get hurt.

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Ok, thank you for all the input. I will just keep it to 5oz of corn sugar that came with the kit.

I’ve made that extract kit at least three times, always to 3.6 and never had a problem using standard bottles. It’s one of my favorites.

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