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Bavarian heffeweizen advice

I am making the Bavarian Hefeweizen full extract kit with the wyeast 3068. I am planning on punching it up by also doing a partial mash for it. The plan for it is to use 1 lb of German pilsner malt and 2 lbs of Weyermann pale wheat malt. I am planning on doing the grains as a regular mash with the multistep method with the protein rest, Beta and alpha sacch rest and mashout. I am doing this for 2 reasons to max my gain flavors etc. and to practice for full grain on a smaller scale to get a feel for the steps etc. Does this seem like a good idea like I think it is? Any advice or comments would be appreciated ty.

With such a small grain bill I’d treat it like a steep. Add water to the pot (2qt/lb), raise temp to 155f add crushed grain in a bag, and steep for 1hr. If you’re on the stovetop you may have to watch the temp to keep it warm for 1hr. If you oven has a warm setting or can get down to 150F, you can put the pot in there to keep temp for the steep. Wrapping blankets around it works too, but don’t turn the stove on with flammable material near the burners.


Thank you for the advice will follow it. The reason I went with such a small amount of grains is because I am doing the full extract kit and did not want to over do it so after this batch I am going to get more ambitious. Thanx again.

You could also bump up the volume of your batch to tone down the ABV a bit if that worries you, but that would mean you’d need to up your hops a bit to compensate there also. Or even easier, you could also withold a bit of extract to compensate for the added grain.

Thanx for all the great advice I calc the potential abv to be 6.8 using beer smith and an ap on my phone that’s no worries well about to start brewing and listening to german music to inspire the right flavors lol when I brew my viking mead next week going to jam Nordic metal for that lol.

Heffe wiezen are made between 4.3% abd 5.6% ABV. But this is home brewing, and you can make what you like.

WEll ty for all your help guys. IT HAS COME OUT AMAZINGLY GOOD.
I am not talking good compared to shit you can buy either. Being military and spending quite a bit of time in germany it came out shockingly well. ABV was a touch high would up being 6.7% however you could not tell except it got you tipsy a little bit. So much better than anything you can get in the store. It took me back to the hills of Germany and my time there. It was not quite as good as the real stuff but still awesome. I have gotten some more gear and made a few more beers since this one and can’t wait to try them. I also did my first all grain and its in primary right now and have the grains to do a heff from all grain just having to wait till sunday I can’t wait. only thing i am concerned with is all this water talk I have no idea where to start should i buy RO Distilled spring add stuff dont add stuff boil etc. lol oh well will figure it out but ty again.

Hef’s are one of the main reason I went all grain. Can’t really get a traditional hef using extract, it’s a complete night and day difference once you try your first all grain. I haven’t messed with water yet but that’s the beauty of home brewing, there are some many different levels of involvement.

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