Bavarian Hefeweizen 1 gallon extract

Well UPS dropped off my Bavarian Hefeweizen kit and I started as soon as i could, boil water dumped DME stood there watching it boil for 15 min and put hops in then 30 min more. I cooled as per instructions 60°- 70° so i went with 65° and pour it into the 5 gallon carboy (all I have) and capped it with the airlock. At the moment the temp is at 66° but I done see any thing going on,no bubbles in the airlock and very little foam on the wort. It has been 3 hours so what’s up. How long till i see something ?

Give it some time…did you aerate it?

Yes just before the yeast.

I’ve seen a huge range on start times for fermentation, but almost none of them within three hours. You need to give it a lot more time. It could take up to 36 hours.

Thanks Templar, this morning the wort does have about 1/8 of krausen ( I had to look up the correct word) and the wort looks more like a dunkelweizen. So I just have to wait and see. Also I was reading about the fizz drops that come with the kit, some good some bad. Do i use them or go with ?

For what it’s worth here’s a short vid of my first brew.

Working with extract you’ll usually have a darker colored beer. There are ways to make your extract beer lighter, but it’s still pretty hard to get the same color out of it as you would all grain.

I’ve never used the fizz drops, I’ve always just calculated corn sugar or table sugar to bottle my beers and I’ve been happy with the results.

I watched your video and you definitely have beer in the making! Give it time to finish up, probably around 3 weeks, then bottle it and enjoy!

I can use table sugar, I just finished ordering some grain to do a BIAB and ordered some priming sugar. I enjoy all the help I’m getting thanks .

gdtechvw, thanks, Every post i read I just keep learning more. My local brew store(Addison Homebrew Provisions) has brewing demonstrations each month and 27 june there is a extract class I’m going to. Can’t learn enough