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Batch 100!

‘Back in the old days’ when some of the older experienced guys were on this forum, I would hesitate on posting this. But now I’m one of the ‘old guys’. Posted about my 50th batch back in December 2014. Today I did Batch #100! Decided to make it memorable by doing a partigyle- #100a is a Barleywine/Braggot, #100b is ‘The Tsar’s Kvass’ from AHA Jan. this year.
Then, since I was in a groove, I did a batch of ‘Loghouse Honey Porter’ for Batch #101.
8 hour brew day- I’m wiped.


You certainly are one of the ‘old guys’. I might be too. Welcome to #100. Personally I’m only on #135 right now. I won’t be able to catch up to Denny until I’m older than dirt. I know my best years are ahead of me still, not behind.

Cheers, Jim.

Congrats! Great milestone.

Certainly no shame in posting a milestone like that! Congrats and well done!

Congratulations! What an achievement!

Congratulations Old timer… You’ve done well… Braggot, haven’t heard of that one in a long time… When your rested up, I’d like to hear your recipe… Sneezles61

Congratulations - That’s a lot of beer!

Congratulations on 100. How many pounds of grain did it take to get to 100?

Congratulations also. Never made a braggot. Is any beer made with honey a braggot?

Thats a good question… I hope Jim can clear that up for us! Sneezles61

Congrats on #100. After almost 5 years, I only just past #70

Congrats on the milestone Jim! Sounds like it was a heckuva celebratory brewday for you. :innocent:


Well you know I suppose I could look it up, but 2 lb of honey in a 3G batch I believe qualifies.
I’ll wait until I see if it turns out OK before posting the recipe. After all, there are enough ‘less than perfect’ recipes out there.
Or if people really want to see what 100 batches looks like, all my recipes and brewlogs are posted on Brewtoad under ‘JimRMaine’.
Thanks for the congrats folks! I’ve always liked this forum- we are all a family here, and it shows.

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Wow! Congrats on hitting the Centiry mark!

Congrats from another old timer.

I remember a few years ago someone else posted about reaching the century mark, and I though “wow, I must be getting close too”. Looked it up and I was already over 130. They add up. Brewed batch #156 a couple weeks ago.

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