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Bass Ale Recipe

Any body have a good Bass Ale all grain clone recipe that you would like to share?

I dont have it off the top of my head but the BYO 250 Clone issue has a good one

I do

Am I to late?


Atta Cat… Well, since yer here… See its made in the USA now? And it doesn’t taste as I remember…

See, even a decade ago occasional threads would die from lack of traffic. Can’t blame it all on the change of format.
That sake guy was on here the other day still protesting the changes in 2015. :upside_down_face:

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That’s a long time to hold a grudge

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Here it is. Happy New year

The key to this ale and I think I know why many people don’t like it is the bottled version is to carbonated. What I have done since I don’t have a cask system is get it carbonated a bit then disconnect the gas and pour till it stops coming out. Then refill it with 10psi and disconnect and so forth. The bigger glass is nice so it warms up a bit before you drini it all

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