It’s that time of the year…. I admit that I watch ZERO college basketball throughout the regular season. But when it comes to conference play and March madness I watch as much as I can. Love the hype and the possible upsets along with a ‘Cinderella’ team.

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Well, I have to say, this is one of the games that goes on too long… so I don’t follow. Do I have a short attention span? Or call it a senior moment… ?
I know so many folks up here watch… obsessively !!

Glued to the set since Wednesday night watching the Big Ten tournament in Minneapolis. Buckeyes took down Iowa last night.

My Syracuse Orangemen are out of the ACC tournament after a sad loss to NC State. Now we wait to see if they get an invite to the NIT, what many of us used to call the “consolation prize” tournament. The Orange draw a good crowd so that may help.

When it gets down to the Final Four I will watch depending on the teams.

The Buckeyes made another valiant effort but fell short. Illini made late plays when it mattered.

I know. The 10 (seed)gave 2 all it could handle. Led with less than a minute left but, alas. Probably an NIT bid awaits. Better than they could’ve hoped for just three weeks ago.
My Bobcats (wife and I are OU alums) lost last night also.

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Well, OSU made the NIT basketball tournament as expected …… They narrowly beat the mighty Cornell big red last night and play again later this week against Virginia Tech.

We’ll have to see how well OSU plays tonight. Women’s team looked good yesterday. Been a pretty good March Madness, although my bracket is pretty must busted. Missed some of the upsets and didn’t pick the ones that happened!

SU Orange women playing now against Arizona. I have a condo HOA meeting at so we are recording it. Would rather skip it but being the board VP guess I’m stuck.

I’ve watched more NCAA women’s basketball this year than my entire life prior! The Clark Effect is real. Just watched Iowa play today, and watched the Iowa State girls win last night, (we have close friends from Iowa )which was a fun game to watch, their somewhat ?portly center scored 40 points.

The Orange women won 74-69 in an exciting game. Now onto UConn tomorrow night. This should be interesting.

The Iowa -WVU game last night was great basketball. Alas the Orange, Buckeyes and Cyclone girls all out in this round.
Buckeyes men play Georgia tonight in NIT quarterfinals.

Since the Orange women are out, that ends SU hoops this season. Good luck to your Buckeyes in the NIT.

Caitlin Clark is giving the Hawkeyes a lot of attention. I saw some video of her practicing 3s and she launched about four in a row nuthin but nylon. Impressed since I’m not sure I can even toss it that far :wink:

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So long Buckeyes. Good game but came up short.

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Sorry fashionably late to the party. OSU Georgia was a great game with OSU literally coming up an inch short.
Some good games going on in the NCAA tourney. NC State keeps surprising! Perdue looked dominant. We’ll see what the later games bring tonight but 3 mins in and Duke is already down 8-0. It’s early but never a good sign.

Im rooting for UConn

Not unhappy Duke lost but was hoping for a Uconn Duke final

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Iowa-LSU rematch shaping up to be must-see TV on the girls side. Chippy already.

Was it a good Easter too? (:

It was a good Easter, thank you for asking. The wife went with friends to sunrise service on the beach while I ran 11 miles down the river in the cool dawn air. No chores. Cooked out. Perfect!

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