Got my self my banner in the mail yesterday for the regaata beer boothBanner


Does not let me up load images

There are a couple ways to do it, you can simply drag and drop the file into your post, you can click upload and get this screen with options. . .

Or you can even copy paste an image like I just did to add that one. Hope that helps!


Well I know he has uploaded photos before probably just a querk. I’ve had the same problem at times usually after an update or something. Like you said there are work arounds

Let’s all fly down there, speaking Danish translating books in hand, and see it!
I know… Having a few brews? Sneezles61 …


Fixed the issue


Yeah that would be fun. Sun brews. Bbq brew sessions

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Is that on fabric?

No on canvis sort of plastic. Did buy 2 of them

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Danish won’t help, Wilco is Dutch, and no need to translate, he and most everyone there speak very good English. Was just down there last week, but didn’t have a chance to sample any of his latest beers. Always enjoy talking to him when we’re there.

Banner looks great Wilco!

Wait, he didn’t give you a taste?

Have had his beer when he was brewing for the brewery there, but this year I only saw him at his day job.


Ya did miss out this time next stay forget the diving haha we do brew

That is cool! I like the colors.

Noodling around on the brewery website:

Not a bad beer. A pale ale with. Aloe. Flower. Me dont brew there anymore. To busy at work. And brewing my own beer

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