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Balloon Airlock Question

This is my first time to try homebrewing so please excuse my ignorance. I am making a simple cider, used redstar wine yeast, added yeast nutrient, and put in a little pectin for the clouding. This being my first time, I simply wanted to see if making a homebrewed hard cider was feasible so instead of buying expensive equipment and airlocks, I used a large growler and the balloon method (balloon over the top with a pin hole in it) in place of the airlock. It’s been sitting for just over two hours now and the balloon is doing the opposite of what I’d expect. It is sucking inwards, not expanding…

Also, as I was worried about excess oxygen, I put the small hole in the balloon AFTER seeing this phenomenon, thinking maybe I was depriving the yeast or something. Can someone please tell me what is happening here?

Thank you very much.

I think your cider is probably cooling down, which causes the air inside to contract and lose volume. I wouldn’t worry about it. Your yeast probably won’t start working to any noticeable extent until probably sometime tomorrow or maybe even the next day, depending on the temperature.

Ah that’s probably exactly it! Didn’t think about that…
Thank you so much!

No problem. And welcome to the forums!! :cheers:

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