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Ballantine India Pale Ale

Bryan, Ted, Cam, Jamie and Ray where art thou. Lost but not forgotten. I’m still brewing. Been out of the loop. Just joined hope you are here.

I don’t think I know those people, but I do know that beer. We had a thread once before the forum redesign…

Where is the @the_professor

This one?

Not sure what aging an ipa would accomplish

Me neither.

I was just linking to the thread I thought @uberculture was referring to.

That’s the one… I was obviously too lazy to use the search function.

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Aging an IPA is like a reenactment of years ago… Sneezles61

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Welcome Kent. Not sure if those individuals are here, but there are a lot of good folks here who enjoy talking beer.

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From my understanding Ballantine was aged in oak vats which contributed to the flavor. This was probably one of the reasons it was aged. Many IPAs were aged back in the day.

It’s us “new age” Brewers who need to have it fast and now! Probably part of the instant gratification, part of the unbalanced beer we now like, and part of the fast paced society we live in. But, I have a session IPA on tap that has gotten much better with age.

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I didn’t have the original, just the modern version. It favors hop bitterness over flavor or aroma. Age probably helps that along.

Here I am!


Hey @the_professor , how is your latest iteration of Ballantine IPA these days?

Do you prefer to keg or bottle age?

I age in a secondary vessel for a period of 3-4 months, then tranfser it to a keg with dry hops, where it ages for another 5 months.
I actually like my version of the Bally IPA better than the one that Pabst was selling for a while (which wasn’t bad…though they have discontinued it).

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