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Baking soda cleaning kettle

Me gonna brew a beer sunday. Gonna give the brew kettle a cleaning session before i start brewing. But me almost out of. Pbw powder. Did place a order. For some new pbw. But not on time here. Can i use baking soda for cleaning.

Do you have any OxyClean in your house?

Let me take a look my wife sort of cleaning freak. She got lots of cleaning stuff

I don’t see a problem with baking soda… Sneezles61

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I cleaned my kettle yesterday. Don’t want to speculate on when the last time was other than a quick hot water rinse after brewing. Maybe…never? Had a ton of beerstone in places. While it was soaking full of PBW I dropped the plate chiller in there as well.

Lots of dark water out of the chiller this morning and the kettle looks almost new.

Bake your plate chiller?

That’s why I went with a CFC vs. a plate chiller. Although I admit that recently I’ve been looking into plate chiller that can be broken down. This would really speed up knockout times, especially in the summer with increased water temps. Seems to be cost prohibitive though. Cheapest one I found was $850.00. :pensive:

The darkness water you’re seeing is most likely corrosion. I wouldn’t soak SS and copper in PBW at the same time for long lengths of time as the 2 different metals can promote quicker corrosion.

I’ve done that before too.

Looked like dissolved beer stone but who knows.

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