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Bad sign?

Just noticed this darkening on the top of my beer and never had this in my previous batches. Has anyone else come across this? Bad sign?
Quick background:
This is the Kiwi IPA from Northern Brewer, about 2 weeks into the secondary, been fermenting around 70 F, haven’t added the dry hop yet, no odd smells, nothing floating in it, haven’t tasted it yet, and first time using a very clean big bubbler.
Thanks in advance.

I think its the way the lid is reflected/refracted from the light… Seems odd it would start stratifying after its fermented… doesn’t it? Sneezles61

Sometimes when the yeast starts settling out the top gets a little clearer. I agree though nothing looks wrong.

Excellent! Thank you for the fast responses. It appears I am just a bit of a worrywort. Bad pun, I know :nerd_face:

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I agree that it is starting to drop clear. This is the point where I would dry hop for 3 days, then throw it in the fridge and hit it will gelatin or biofine and let it drop clear, then keg it up! :sunglasses:


Naw that beer looks spoiled, I’ll be by to take that nasty beer off your hands! :wink:


Panic Attack…
Do a taste test.
Your taste buds will know if it is good or not.

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