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Bad batch?

I just brewed the Pumpkin Ale kit and followed all of the directions everything was cleaned with Starsan (first time I’ve ever used Starsan) after 6 weeks of waiting i popped the cap tonight and i noticed that it wasn’t carbonated at all yet another bottle was. So i took a sip and about yacked tasted like I just drank drain-o or some kinda cleaning agent. What do you think happened ? Bad yeast infection ? My first beer this is only my second batch the first one i made was Brown Nut Ale and it was awesome best beer yet I really had high hopes for this and it tasted like shit. I just really wish i knew what went wrong… Any ideas ?

The off flavor wasn’t caused by the Starsan.

How are you cleaning your bottles?

I used Starsan on the bottles and i think some of the left over stuff from it foam/little bit of starsan water could of made it taste off. I noticed that when my friend drank some of it there were lots of bubbles in it like there was when i rinsed it with starsan. Should i use Starsan on bottles ?

Yes. And you would have to leave quite a bit of StarSan in the bottle to affect the taste. If you have some bottles carbed and some not, this is most likely the result of insufficient mixing of the priming sugar in the bottling bucket.

I wouldn’t write it off as a loss yet. Let the bottles sit someplace fairly warm for a while and the carbonation may well improve as well as the taste…as for the off-flavor…aging/time may improve that as well!

Are you the only one that thinks it tastes horrible or did your friend agree? I brewed a beer once and nearly dumped the whole batch because I thought it was bad or infected…it tasted rotten to me…then my wife and son in law tried it and both loved it! It was just me and my taste buds…the beer was fine…just a thought…

It’s possible you didn’t get the cap tight. I’ve had a few of those. If CO2 can escape, then when you chilled it down, you could have gotten air into the bottle along with some nasties that turned that particular bottle.

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