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Bacteria, mold? on surface of 2ndary ferment?

I racked off my Tallgrass Velvet Rooster to my secondary fermenter and I noticed about 5 days later there were some small ( 2- 5 mm) round spots floating on top of the liquid. Not a whole lot of them, maybe a couple dozen. Should I be concerned? It would seem that with the high alcohol content of this Belgian Triple and the fermentation process nothing bad should be able to grow. I am scrupulous with sanitation, so there should have been no contamination.

pic? I am guessing they are just nucleation sites for CO2 coming out of the beer, but a pic would help.

I took a picture , but dont know how to post it.

[quote=“polar bear”]I took a picture , but dont know how to post it.[/quote]Look below where it says “Choose File” and “Add the File”

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