Backpacking Beer?

Backpacker Magazine has an article on this “great” beer for backpacking that you have to rehydrate and carbonate on the trail:

I’ve considered beer (and mead) just for this. It makes sense to me to just take along a high ABV beer of 9% more and fill it in plastic bottles, which is why I have some Mr Beer bottles. Quite frankly I don’t get the rehydration part. If you are bringing water to rehydrate it what’s the point in concentrating it??? I’d just make a Belgian Strong, IIPA, Imperial Stout, or a Barley Wine.

I suppose if one were filtering water in their area it would make some sense, but I doubt this beer would be all that high quality. Dehydrated stuff just isn’t as good as fresh…

Were weight a tremendous issues I’d just carry some whiskey and have a whiskey and water, otherwise it’s beer/mead/wine at 14% or better.

I think I’d just do without on a backpacking trip. If I felt the need for beer on a backpacking trip I’d go somewhere that had a brewpub in a town near the trail. Otherwise experiencing the great outdoors doesn’t absolutely require a buzz.

True, but it’s still enjoyable.

We’ve been working on trying to do a 30 day trail hike. On one hand it might be enjoyable, but for a trip of that length it may not be feasible. I guess it depends on which trail since the Continental Divide is so primitive that you’d likely need to cache your additional supplies, which is too much work, but the best trail, or the Appalachian Trail, which you can mail supplies or go into towns to restock. I’m not familiar with the West coast trail system.

Speaking from experience, nothing beats a beer cooled in a Colorado mountain stream at 10,000+ ft, after a long day on the trail. I am convinced it is why Ska and other can their beers.

Have a hard time believing those tabs would actually carbonate the beer. I bet they just make your beer fizzy like Alka-Seltzer makes a glass of water fizzy.

As a homebrewer, this is just creepy. But as a camping guru and gadget geek, I want to try it out.
I think I’ll wait for a few reviews(unless someone wants to give me a Christmas gift. hint, hint)
I actually put their website on ‘favorites’ so I won’t forget

This looks to me like one of the dumbest inventions ever. My bet is that this “beer” consists of malt extract, Alka-Seltzer, and (hopefully??) a shot of vodka for the alcohol. There is no such thing as powdered alcohol. Don’t spend more than zero cents on this garbage.

I don’t see it having any quality to it either.

It sounds good, but I’d prefer to just pack a high ABV beer or a wine/mead or liquor, especially if it’s some serious backwoods stuff.

Drink the vodka, burn the rest in your campfire. Leave no trace.

How about O’Douls and Everclear!

Eeww, now that’s creepy! :lol:

Hide a six pack of Bozeman HopeZone (cans) in an ice cold mountain stream on the way up and enjoy on the way down.

Good in so many ways. :slight_smile: