Back to Work Tomorrow. WTH!

I have posted 60 times since Dec 26th, but this is a good thing as I will not be able to look at my carboy 10 times a day.

I was back today - but, I did get 6 batches of beer brewed in over the past 10 days!

brew what you can with the time you’re given. any more than that, you’re chasing the dragon.

Have not worked since may 16th. It’s tough to get a brew day in.

Myself, my brother, and uncle brewed 3 batches today. Went great! That is the most any of us have brewed at one time. Carrying the wort back to our houses in a car was the fun part! Next time I am gonna sanitize a spare keg and transport in that.

Same here, I’ve been on vacation since Dec 23. Its been nice but still too short.

Way too short. My first bottle day, and third brew day will be MLK.