Back-sweetening cider

I would like to add some frozen apple juice that I made, to my cider, to back- sweeten it. Can I just add it to the cider and add a campden tablet at the same time and then bottle it after 24 hours?

I woud use potassium sorbate rather than campden. Campden can halt fermentation but it can eventually restart as the yeast slowly take over.

I used potassium sorbate and potassium metabisulfate (campden) together, then waited 48 hours before packaging.

I have had good luck cold crashing the cider in my garage…of course it is usually around 20 degrees in my garage this time of the year. I have done a regiment of racking, cold crashing, racking again and then cold storage again for a couple of weeks before bottling. No issues for me, but I have read that some fellow cider brewers had problems with the yeast becoming active again when the bottles were placed in warmer climates. I don’t know if it is because I racked a couple of times to remove as much sediment as possible before bottling or I am just playing Russian roulette…knock on wood though, no issues thus far. Nothing but delicious, smooth, clear cider. What made me interested in trying cold crashing was that I can have a still cider or choose to add priming sugar and yeast if I wanted to make it a carbonated cider without needing a keg and CO2 setup…my girlfriend is angry with me for taking up precious space in the house as it is…I didn’t want to push my luck by adding more equipment. lol If it comes down to “it’s either me or the cider,” I know where her suitcases are.