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B-Brite in beer?

OK. First off, let me lay the foundation. First time homebrew. 'Nuff said.

Need opinions.

I soaked some commercial 12 oz bottles in about 5+ gallons of water with approx 3 Tbsp of B-Brite in order to remove the labels. Worked great.

I removed the labels and scrubbed the outside to remove the residue. Beautiful.

I turned the bottles upside down before storing the bottles.

Right before bottling, I sanitized the bottles in the dishwasher w/ no soap.

After I bottled, it hit me: I forgot to rinse the bottles when I removed them from the B-Brite solution!

Do you think the dishwasher would have removed all of the B-Brite residue? What worries me is the water making it all the way up in the bottle in the dishwasher. My wife thinks the steam itself would have been enough to rinse any of the leftover B-Brite residue out even if no water made it into the bottle.

I’m thinking about getting rid of the whole batch but I’ve had a couple bottles and a) I haven’t died yet and b) it’s pretty d@mn good!



I us B-Brite too and it leaves a real slippery coating when wet. Ithink the DW did a good enough job rinsing so RDWHAHB. Oh, and welcome to the forum.
RDWHAHB=Relax don’t worry, have a home brew

Thanks Muller - appreciate it! I was dreading throwing out my very first batch! Hopefully, I won’t turn green.

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