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Azaca All Grain - Final Gravity?

I recently brewed this recipe:

OG was 1.052 and I felt great about that. Unfortunately, I pitched dead yeast, then repitched an Omega recommended yeast, and now I seem stuck at 1.025.

I’ve repitched Safale S-04, and I’m still stuck after a week at 1.025.

What should an expectation be for a final gravity on this beer?



Too funny, but I completely forgot that the reason I have two SG measuring devices is that the refract hydrometer is no good for measuring final SG.

So…we’re actually just fine, sitting at about 1.008.

Time to dry hop!



You can use a calculator like this one…

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I use the refractometer at the start, brew day… Then when I want to check the FG, I have a finishing hydrometer… It reads from 1.020 and lower… Easier for me to read? Yup! Sneezles61

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