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Awwwwww CRAPOLA!

was cleaning my carboy with that awkward and useless brush and while trying to brush the inside, the brush just decides to bust right through the glass!! wtf!! oh well. i think it was a sign telling me to buy the big mouth carboy, which i did! but i thought it was weird how easily the brush broke the carboy. :roll:

It most likely had a defect in it. Still, that sucks but you are lucky, I want the big mouth carboy but cant justify the purchase yet.

You are lucky, carboys can break when full of beer, creating a terrible mess, or when you are carrying them, which is a huge hazard for cuts. I realized after listening to enough horror stories that you should stay away from glass in the brewery. I’ve been using plastic exclusively for the past five years, and can definitively state that there is no penalty in quality.

im just stunned at how easily it burst through. but yes, after searching the forum i am seeing many bad stories of beer lost from busted carboys. really glad mine was empty!

Agree 100%. I’m close to pulling the trigger on a 15 Gallon plastic fermentor. Lately some of my best brews were fermented solely in the plastic primary.

However I do use my carboys for HG porters that I age for several weeks. I got a couple of those harness things and it makes handling really easy. I don’t remove them, when even I clean.

I have 8 glass carboys that I rarely use because I have four 15 gallon plastic fermenters (Curtec 7055). Recently, I was using the glass carboy and I had my SS Mix-Stir in my drill and was putting it into the mouth of the carboy. The drill chuck let go of the ss rod and the whole thing went in and hit the bottom … bang! To my surprise, it did not crack or break the carboy at all. Kind of like a huge rock coming up off the freeway and bouncing off your windshield with the loud crack-bang yet it does not leave a mark. Go figure; sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not.

holy wow man. thats pretty lucky! you shoulda went and got a powerball ticket immediately!

I switched to buckets and I’ve been happy so far.

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