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Avangaurd 2 row

Picked up some grains for brewing some IPA and pales. Got the avengarde 2 row. Any opinions on using it.

Mash it.


Good idea.

You are welcome.

After I mash some up for some IPA and pales was wondering what German styles use it. Most of my German styles call for Munich, pilsner or Vienna.

Never used the pale ale malt. I’ve had good success with their Pilsner and wheat malts though so I would imagine it’s decent.

Yea I use their pilsner and Munich. Just wondering if I will notice a difference from American 2 row

I just picked up a sack of Briess 2 row. Going to make a few smash PA, smash IPA, and some mixed hop PA/IPA. Hopefully they don’t turn out too “grainy” :joy:

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I used to use briess now I use rahr mostly. Never noticed much difference. It just depends what the stores have available. First time I’m using German 2 row. I’m going to use it in place o pilsner in some of my German and Belgian styles. I will make an American IPA with it. But probably pick up another sack of domestic for future brews

Maybe then risk doing 5-er… Then compare your tasting notes see what, if any, diff there is… Sneezles61

I’m sure it’s going to be fine. Price/lb is the same. Go figure

I usually don’t see much of a diff for most base malts. I haven’t tried golden promise yet… The specialty malt, now theres another story… We usually have 2, 3 brewers to buy a bag together… then we are better than the LHBS… Not trying to dis them… Sneezles61

I gotta admit I’ve never compared a batch with 2 row v. Pilsner v. Pale ale malt.

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Well, I never did either, but when I do my Duvel, its all pilsner malt and table sugar… So I do have a chance to try a comparison… Sneezles61

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