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Auto siphon delivered broken in kit...any substitutes?

I received the small batch kit today that I ordered from NB and the Auto siphon was shattered when I unloaded the box. Seems the packing job wasn’t so good. Anyways, I was all geeked and excited to brew my first batch this weekend and wondering if I can still accomplish this. Outside of having to go to a local brew supply store and buying another one is there any other options I have until I see what NB will do to rectify the situation? Thanks for any ideas.

You don’t need a siphon for a few weeks. They are good with shipping issues.

Thanks for the input. Is it OK to just poor the wort from the brew pot to the one gallon fermenter using a funnel? Just want to make sure that the extra agitation from not using a siphon will not ruin the beer in the end.

The extra splashing is preferred. You want to add oxygen before fermentation so the yeast have access to it.

If you have not done so, this is a good read.

Purchasing the newest edition is a good idea also.

Attach your blow off hose right away. Or you will be back on the board asking if you beer is ‘OK’.

+1 to everything Nighthawk said.

I would add that sanitizing that funnel would be a good idea.

And I would add some emphasis to his point about oxygen. We all have it so deeply ingrained that oxygen destroys beer, that it seems counter-intuitive and even just wrong that we actually want as much oxygen as we can get into the wort before fermentation begins. Before fermentation, many of us will actually hook the beer up to an O2 tank and bubble oxygen into the wort.

So when transferring from pot to fermenter splash away as much as you can. As I read in a recent post, that I’m too lazy to look up for proper attribution - shake it like it owes you money.

I don’t use an autosiphon. Haven’t used or owned one for the past ~12 years. Learn to rack beer without one. Simply fill a tygon tube 100% with water, with sanitized fingers over both ends, drop one end into your wort or beer then the other into a lower pitcher keeping your finger close to the end by the pitcher. When the water is all drained out of the hose, put your finger back over the end, then move the hose to your secondary carboy or whatever and rack as normal. It sounds complicated but after you do it twice you’ll become an expert. And you can practice using plain old water ahead of time for cheap.

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