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Assembling the co2 connection

I guess my first system I put together the whole gas line was assembled.
I got one for my son and I noticed the hose connection is not assembled. It looks like the flare fitting sticking out of the quick disconnect has a plastic gasket so I don’t think Teflon tape should be used on these threads (?).

I have a pic below:

You are correct. No tape needed. The plastic on the QD will seal just fine. If you are using 1/4" MFL metal to metal connections there are tiny nylon washers made to fit.

The metal piece in the photo is a flare fitting I assume that you push your tubing on and use the worm gear clamps to hold it on?

Yes thanks mark, I took the pic straight down on it.

I assumed the Teflon tape could just make it more difficult to get a firm seating of the gasket. But before dumping 5 lb of co2 into the freezer I figured I would ask. I will just snug up the connection then give it a little more to be sure.

I have my first keg in the freezer now carbonating at 10 psi at about 38-40 deg. My biggest challenge is to just leave it alone and quit checking it. I did check all my fittings again when everything was at the low temp. Seems ok, high pressure gauge dropped some but I guess that is just the low temp.

Thank you for the help!


Yep, I use flare fittings exclusively as you can switch between ball lock, pin lock, and commercial couplers in seconds. No tape needed.

In your other thread go with the 5/16" barb. This is for the red 5/16" gas tubing. It will be easier to differentiate your tubing in your kegerator.

Sounds like a good plan, thank you!

My LHBS made up adapters to connect a Sanke tap to my hoses. He has Oetiker clamps that aren’t easily removable but do not leak. So with the flare fittings you can use multiple set ups with the same equipment.

I’m sold on the oetiker clamps. I’ve had leaks with the worm gear clamps. not sure if they stretch or just loosen up over time but I’ve had some that were fine for a long time start to leak CO2.

Worm gear clamps will cut into the tubing if you’re not careful (eg. over tightening).

Fuel injection clamps are where it’s at - stepless and reusable. :slight_smile:

I had to Google fuel injection clamps. I can see how they would work better. I have had some worm gear clamps strip when really cranking down on them.

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