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Arrogant Bastard clone

i came across a clone extract of stone arrogant bastard it is as follows

8 oz special b 147L 3lbs amber dme wyeast 1056
8 oz biscuit 24l 5 lbs light dme
8 oz aromatic 19L
8 oz cara munich 47L 1 oz chinook @ 75 min
1 oz chinook @45 min
1 oz chinook @ 0 min

now my question about this is it did not say if it was a full boil i assume it is
how would i adjust the hop scedual for a 3 gal partial boil ?

I made that exact same recipe as a partial boil. Don’t adjust anything just make it. It does come out really bitter, but after 2 months in the bottle it was one of the best beers I ever made. Not exactly AB taste wise but it should come in at 7.5% and has the exact same color as AB.

You might want to read through this thread:

I did read through that thread before posting but the whole thread is for all grain but thankyou

All you have to do is convert the 2-row to the lightest possible DME, steep the Special-B, follow the hop schedule, and you’ll be pretty close to the original.

I plan on brewing the CYBI recipe from the 3rd attempt where they essentially called it “cloned”. AB is some good stuff and I love Chinook hops.

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