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Are flavor/aroma compounds in hops proportional to AA%?

Are the flavor/aroma compounds in a single variety of hops proportional to the AA%? I don’t think so, but thought I’d open it up for input.

This is an arbitrary example:

Assume a recipe which calls for 1 oz 4% Saaz 20 min and 1 oz 4% Saaz at 10 min. The Saaz available is 2% AA.

If I adjust the adds strictly for IBU contribution to the beer, I’d need to use 2 oz for each add. In this case, it seems that flavor contribution may be greater than expected.

If flavor contribution is independent of AA%, then I’d stick with the 1 oz adds and adjust for IBU with the 60 min bittering add.

This would only be an issue with low alpha hops with a wide AA% range.


Just throwing this out, off the top of my head, I don’t tend to worry because I’m usually worried about the AA% with my bittering charge, which doesn’t tend to impact flavor so much. So I correct for AA for 60 minute additions, then stick to the number of ounces for flavor/aroma additions at 10 minutes or less.

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Thanks, my procedure as well.

Hope some others can weigh in on the original question.

I tend to worry about what type of aroma I look fer AFTER the ferment is complete. I just about have the bittering down to my liking. The aroma is a different beast. Sneezles61

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