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Arduino PID and Web Reporting Dashboard

Check out a arduino based PID controller I was able to make which sends data to a web server and reports the data in a dashboard as shown below. I’m hoping to utilize this to control both a hot liquor tank and fermentation water bath with an electric heater. Thought I would share…

More information on the code can be found here:

Oh this is just geeky enough to perk my interests. Can one PID control multiple thermometers? This would be perfect for what I am looking to do with my future fermentation chamber!

Yes multiple PID’s can be processed on the arduino. I haven’t done this yet but it should be as simple as adding separate identifiers for the PID as shown below:

myPID1(&sp1, &input1, …)
myPID2(&sp2, &input2, …)
myPID3(&sp3, &input3, …)

void loop()



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