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Aquarium temp controllers

Has anyone used these inexpensive aquarium temp controllers for their lagering refrigerator ?

They’re a lot less expensive than the Johnson Temp controller ( $ 13 vs $ 70 ), and the one I saw
on EBay didn’t include an AC line cord, but I could dig one up.

Any thoughts on these ?


Got a link?

I couldn’t get the link to work, but if you go to EBAY and type in “aquarium Temperature Controller”
it will show you the unit I’m looking at.

To post a link, just put the link in between these "

", and it’ll look like this:

Don’t see why you can’t use one of those and for $20 it’s worth trying.

Thanks shadetree. I’m wondering if anyone has used this unit and if additional equipment is needed other than a line cord ?


I have one. Two friends have one.

Here is a wiring diagram for it.


It does say in the “features” section that it can be used on freezers and refridgerators, as well as other things. I will have to remember those in case I need another.

I built one a few years back, works like a champ, I actually prefer it to my digital Johnson controller. The automatic switching from cooling to heating (and vice versa) is invaluable for my setup.

I’ve seen a few builds for wiring these up. They are just the straight controller and so you will need to wire an outlet to them, and if you want it to look spiffy you will probably want to install them into a project box. I just actually saw a youtube vid on on how to build em, looked pretty simple. I’m thinking of building one fairly soon myself actually… ... el&list=UL

Thanks so much for the replies. Now who’s gonna wire the thing up for me ?

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