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Apricot Pale Ale

Considering brewing an apricot pale ale to serve with yucatan pork tacos at a charity cooking event. Problem is no ripe apricots yet. Considering using apricat preserves, but worried about too much sugar. Has anyone done this? I dont like using flavor extracts…

I’m curious about doing an apricot ale too. I’ll stay tuned. Would these be preserves from the store?

Thats my thinking, I would hope to find something without artificial preservatives or flavoring.

You could always try the dry dock kit from our host. I havent done it, but the recipe looks great.

Thanks, I’ll take a look. I dont usually brew from kits as I like to “own” my recipes.

Was also thinking I could use dried apricots, reconstitute and puree to avoid the excess sugar.

[quote=“milligan101”]Thanks, I’ll take a look. I dont usually brew from kits as I like to “own” my recipes.

Was also thinking I could use dried apricots, reconstitute and puree to avoid the excess sugar.[/quote]

You may be able to find dried apricots without added sugar at an organic store.

soak dry apricots in water overnight and then puree
from what i recall they aren’t as sugary
if you get from wholefoods or another natural store, go for the brown ones without the preservatives

I know that you said you want to stay away from extracts but I made this for my wife this past winter and used Apricot extract due to lack of fresh fruit and was really surprised by how well it turned out. I think the key is to use the extract very sparingly. Hope this helps and good luck.

Apricot Saison

Batch size 5 gallons
Boil size 6.5 gallons
Boil time 90 minutes
Grain weight 11 pounds
Efficiency 75%
Original gravity 1.063
Final gravity 1.016
Alcohol (by volume) 6.1%
Bitterness (IBU) 41
Color (SRM) 6.7°L

3522 Belgian Ardennes

11 pounds
Pale Ale
38ppg, 3°L 10 pounds
Crystal 20L
35ppg, 20°L 0.75 pounds
Dry Candi - Clear
32ppg, °L 0.25 pounds

60 minutes, 8.4 gallons

Target 149°F 4.0 gallons
60 minutes (+0)

Target 170°F 4.3 gallons

90 minutes, 6.5 gallons

Herzbucker hops
2.5 ounces
60 minutes (+30)

Cascade hops
1 ounce
30 minutes

Herzbucker hops
0.5 ounces
10 minutes

Cascade hops
1 ounce
10 minutes

Irish moss
10 minutes

.5 oz Apricot Extract when put in Keg

Jamil’s Can You Brew It show took on Magic Hat #9 a couple of years ago ( If you’re going for something like that, it’s actually a really good base recipe that allows for all manner of tweaking with the fruit flavoring. Magic Hat uses an extract in this one, but the brewer wouldn’t specify the extract manufacturer or how much to use. In my experience, if you use a commercially available extract (such as the one available from our sponsor), you should start with a small amount (likely not more than 2 oz. per 5 gallons). I made a 5 gallon batch using a full 4 oz. and while it was tasty, it was overwhelmingly apricot-y. A buddy referred to it as a “chick beer.” OliveNation sells really nice extracts as well (
My notes from the Jamil show are below. The last time I made it, I used Rahr 2-row for the base, Zeus for the bittering, and Wyeast 1968.

98% crisp pale
2% crystal 80
Single infusion mash @ 152F
20 IBUs (SRM 9): Columbus bittering (60min) and Cascade aroma (30 min)
60 min. boil
Starting gravity 11 Plato
Ending gravity 2-2.1 Plato
ABV 4.6
English Ale yeast fermented at 68F
Add gypsum (small amt)
Apricot flavoring (low level, added at end)

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