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Apricot Blonde Ale bitter tastes

I brewed Norther Brewer’s Dry Dock Apricot Ale two weeks ago. Today when I went to switch it to the secondary, I took a gravity reading and tasted it. It had a really strong bitter taste and strong smell. I am trying to find out if this is normal or if I should leave it in the primary longer. Followed the instructions during the brew and added the included apricot puree on day three as directed. Thanks for any info.

The more I think about the taste, its has the same flavor as if you had orange juice too long.

I can not think of any point in my sanitation that was not followed as it should have been. So I don’t think the problem is there. Added the apricot purée on day three and it went really active at that point. I had to change to the blow off tube within a few hours so everything seemed good up until that point.

I brewed this beer last summer and had the same experience. After bottling I let the beers age approximately 6 weeks and the bitterness was gone and the beer was wonderful .

Thanks for the info. Makes me feel better. I now have it in the secondary and pulled a sample at the 6 day point. It was still bitter but much more mellow. Plan to leave it here for another 8-10 days and then bottle or keg with the apricot extract that came with it.

I brewed it last year and loved the final product. Although I do have to say the bottom of the keg did start tasting a touch on the sour side. But that was just the last couple pints.

All my worry was for nothing. I wound up putting this in a keg instead of bottling.

Holy Crap! This beer is amazing. Pulled the first one on Monday night. Once word got out it was ready I have had so many people coming by to “sample” it, the keg is almost empty and definitely won’t make it thru the weekend. I am going to order 2 of these again next week to get ready for next month. Have not had one person who has not wanted more.

I’ve been thinking about brewing this beer but I’ve never had the original. Two questions:

  1. Has anyone tried drinking it without the apricot? I’m thinking about brewing 10 gallons and only adding apricot to 5.

  2. Is this a good summer beer? And by summer what I really mean is, sitting on the beach when it is 90+ degrees outside.

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