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Approximating Maris Otter with 2-row and?

My LBHS is selling sacks of 2-row for 85 cents a pound and I’m going to buy a bag. But, I like English Ales from time to time, so I’m wondering if any of you have had experience approximating Maris Otter using 2-row and a specialty malt. I’m sure others have brewed English ales using 2-row at some point out of necessity.

I’m thinking maybe for a 1.050 beer, using 5-7% biscuit with 2-row. Or maybe the same ratio of 10L Munich.

Any of you with experience doing this? I know I’ve read it somewhere before but can’t seem to find it.

I have never tried this but I think you should use even less specialty malt. Maybe 2-3% biscuit or how about victory malt. I don’t know if Munich would be quite right as a substitution.

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