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Appalachian Tart yeast question?

Hello I just got this yeast in on Saturday so I have a few questions about this yeast. First question how many IBU’s can the latco in this blend tolerate. Second question my yeast has the Best by date of 2/23/21 so if I don’t use it for a few week’s can one do a yeast starter with this yeast?

I wouldn’t go over 10IBUs. The Lactobacillus sp part of that blend would prefer as little as possible. Keep in mind that sour and bitter don’t go well together anyway.

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As @squeegeethree said anything over 10ibus will prevent the lacto from working. That’s why I prefer the kettle souring method. I can add tons of late boil hops to get flavor/aroma while killing off the lacto.
You usually don’t want to make a starter with mixed cultures but in this case you should be fine since it will be souring over the course of fermentation.

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