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APA, IPA avg time in fermenter?

I was just wondering what you all usually use as your total amount of time in fermenter (Primary alone for those of you who don’t secondary or primary and secondary total) For APA versus IPAs?

For APAs I normally do 2weeks in primary then bottle. IPAs normally 3weeks primary then transfer after 3rd week to secondary to dry hop for a week then bottle. Given that the gravity readings are where they should be of course.

4 weeks primary > keg

Same. Dry hop in the keg.

For most average-gravity ales i do 2 weeks in primary, then bottle. I add the dry hops sometime between day 7 and day 10. The fresher the better for hoppy styles, so I try to get it packaged and carbonated as soon as I can.

Same. Dry hop in the keg.[/quote]


Don’t make APAs but my IPAs are two to three weeks in the fermenter (usually closer to two), then into the keg for dry hopping. I have starting doing a double dry hop, half the hops in for five days then I take them out and add the second half for five days.

Sometimes US05 takes a long time to drop out, I’ve left APA’s/IPA’s in the fermentor for a month before.

I wait for the gravity to stabilize, then give it another week or so. Sometimes I raise the temp for the last couple of days.

Yeast can’t read a watch or a calender. The beer isn’t ready until the final gravity is stable.

Cool thanks, I’ve been doing about 4 weeks but now getting impatient.

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