Anything from Ommegang!

In past years I could not drink Belgian beers, this year i fell in love with them. Ommegang is a little bit of Belgian in New York. I love any beer they make.

What’s your take?

Yeah, I like Ommegang. Pretty good brew. Very close to the Trappist beers, and slightly less expensive (about $9 a bottle in Canton, NC). One of the keys to a great Belgian Tripel is the ability of the brewers to create a tasty brew that is well-balanced, slightly fruity, and strong in abv without the alcoholic notes overpowering the beer. Ommegang has mastered that.

great brewery. I’m a huge fan of hennepin, and chocolate indulgence

I grabbed some myself just a week after it left the brewery. It was OK, but definitely lacking the hop character I get in their IPAs. They’re marketing the beer off the use of fresh hops, why not use more of them?

Ok, update on the price. It’s $6,50… not $9 here in Canton NC. Just discoverd this today while at the grocery store. Their bottles rest beside all the Trappist beers, which are $9 - $11 per bottle.

Beautiful brewery too! And you can go to Cooperstown while you’re visiting the brewery! (Never the other way around…) :cheers:

Yeah, I’d love to get to Cooperstown and check out the Hall of Fame. I’ve drank a lot of homebrew watching baseball!

I’ve recently gotten burnt out on all the hoppy beers out there… NB’s Abbey Ale (a dubble) got me thinking I might actually like Belgian’s…

While I was at the generic liquor store buying wine for my wife (as opposed to the beer store with huge selection) I ran across Ommegang and grabbed their Abbey Ale and their Farmhouse Saison.

I prefer NB’s dubble, but Ommegang’s is not far behind…there was some skunk to it, which is likely due to sitting on a shelf for a long time (people don’t buy anything that is domestic and light at this store.) The Saison was phenomenal, easily the best Saison I’ve had…great stuff.

In fact, my plan this afternoon is to sneak out of the office around 2. Grab another Ommegang, I’m thinking either their BPA or the Saison, go home and brew while the wife is at work…

They have a Bed and Brew package between Ommegang and The Copperstown Inn. I’m planning on going in the fall. A friend of mine went and had a great time. ... ateny.html