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Anyone try the new Tilt Bluetooth hydrometer?

I see on our hosts website that they have this new Hydrometer / thermometer that just sits in the primary and transmits gravity and temperature via Bluetooth to your phone. Sounds interesting but it seems to be on the bleeding edge and no reviews yet. It’s not cheap but if it works and is reliable it would be a fun toy.

Wow $140 I’ll keep my $10 hydrometer and stick on thermometer. If you have four fermenters going you will need four different Tilts. Smart design differentiating them by color . I will admit they are a cool gadget.

So far I have just used one fermenter at a time. I just think it would be cool to be able to watch the gravity without popping the top to take a reading. Ya its just a cool toy I think. Maybe some reviews will pop up eventually.

Does look like a neat gadget.

Looks fun. Looks like pink is not a hot seller. Blue and black are sold out.
I agree that I’m doing fine without and barely feel the need to even check FG or temperature anymore.

There’s another brand that’s been around for a while. I thought it was a cool idea but got sticker shock as well.

I find my Tilt to be very worthwhile. In practicing LODO methods for my lagers, being able to better gauge when to transfer my beer to a keg for its final spunding is worth it to me. I also don’t have to pull multiple samples during the ferment to check progress.

It seems to be reasonably accurate. Last brew, Tilt said 1.009 and the hydrometer sample said 1.010.

Thanks for the feedback. Since I had a NB gift card from my wife and they had another 20% off sale I ordered one and it should be here in another day or two. Just in time for another NEIPA batch my son wants to brew, although I have a kolsch in the primary now that should be getting close to finishing that I may test it out in there and compare to a Hydrometer reading. I think it will be interesting to use the Tilt in watching how different yeast strains and temps work.

@mabrungard will they work in SS conicals? I would think they would but would like confirmation.

I’m really intrigued. I can see myself succumbing and buying one.

Well hell, that didn’t last long. Just picked one up. :smirk:

If money was no object for me I would get one to play with. Is it needed ? Of course not but what does that have to do with it.

I would think if using a spunding valve to finish up a brew, that may be a neato gizmo… But just watching the blow off tube/ air locker can do the same thing… Fermentation still happening, albeit slowly, time to put in the keg… Thats alot of barley! Sneezles61

I guess it’s about a hobby and how cool the gadget is. It’s the same with others. My wife has a Jeep Wrangler and put just a few toys on it but we see Jeeps go by with thousands of $$ of of road stuff and closest many come to going off road is if they accidentally drove onto their lawn.


Remember the days when you could drive on the beach and have the place to yourself. Then in the 80s when the SUV fad hit everyone and their sister was out there. It was fun at first pulling out all the knuckleheads. Then the traffic jams out there. Don’t go anymore.

Yeah… seems there are alot of… gizmo/fads out there… Perhaps the reason I didn’t go hi-tech with my electric brew setup… I need to be hands on and aware… Actually helps keep the brew day interesting … Sneezles61

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I’m gonna get one. I put it on my list for Santa Claus.

Hmmmmm…been a good boy?

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Well mine just arrived, put it in a glass of water and checked it out, sanitized and put in my now finishing kolsch in the primary. Reading 1.010 right now, still Krausen and burp into the airlock about 1 every 5 sec. temp seems to be consistent with what the strip on the fermenter reads.

Need to figure out if I need to calibrate this somehow, I did do the “Tare” setting in water. I will figure that out later… had to get it in the brew and play.

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I’m curious too… as he’s been hiding in the shadows… Lurking on the dark side! :astonished: Sneezles61

Well the Tilt seems to work pretty well for me. Compared it at FG on my NEIPA to the Hydrometer and they were pretty much identical. I have found I really like it for monitoring temp during the fermentation and when lowering towards the eventual cold crash. Yes its still a toy, but instead of going up and down the cellar stairs and opening up the chest freezer I can stand in my kitchen (directly above the chest freezer) and connect to it and get my readings. It Is also helpful to me to ensure fermentation is complete without having to take multiple samples and readings. We will see how it does over time.

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