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Anyone think of this

This seems like a simple build


Looks easy to build

That’s a great invention! Thanks for sharing.

Wondering if there is any downside of pulling off the top

not as much healthy yeast in your diet… Now you’ll have go back to taking daily vitamins… Sneezles61

No. Just drink extra beer!

Yeah you wouldn’t get that great first pint of greenish trub in a big double IPA…

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Just pull that first dirty pint then ignore the keg for a couple of months. That will do it.

I’m at the tail end of a smaller brew, its absolutely clear… Did I mention just how tasty it is too? :grin: Sneezles61

My beers clear also and there are many other benefits from letting beers rest a bit. I didn’t mean to make this a discussion about clear beer. I’m just wondering why nobody has invented this before. I guess nobody felt the need.

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Ya know how we like to take a topic and run with it. Even if it’s in a different direction. I think it is a cool gadget .

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