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Anyone make a bragot?

Needless to say if it grows I ferment it. I have some Mead that needs drinking so I cracked a bottle of 3year old pear Mead. It had a slight carbonation which I kind of liked. Usually I bottle un carbonated. I don’t really drink Mead but I blended it in the glass with a pale ale and it’s pretty good. There is a house down the road that are always throwing medieval parties complete with chainmail and swordplay. I’m thinking to bring some over to see what they think. Never had Mead but my own. They kind of make me nervous what if they challenge me?

Larp your ass off!!

I’m done with mead on its own but bragot is still perfectly acceptable.
Here are some things to study before you go over there (I was looking for something specific having seen two Society for Creative Anachronism kings battle but never found it)

Ok now I’m rethinking this. First off I don’t have one of those long swords. Did you notice the guy in your link is using a wood sword ? Secondly I don’t have a pair of tights. I could go as a wizard but I would be asked to perform some magic. I think maybe I’ll just leave a bottle in the mailbox with a note

Hold out your bottle of mead! Wasn’t that a mysterious drink back then? I can’t help but laugh… A Cat in tights? With curly pointed shoes! :joy:
I had forgotten about a bragot … A little winery/meadery in Iron River Ws. had some I thought was very good. I do stop there from time to time, but haven’t seen that…
You could go as the “Elixir Cat” !! :joy: Sneezles61

[quote=“brew_cat, post:4, topic:26154”]
I don’t have a pair of tights
[/quote]You haven’t been brewing properly then.

I just watched and episode of Supernatural on Netflix with LARPing in it yesterday (exercise bike diversion) and had no idea what it was till then. Nerds in tights!

Mead wise I have never had a commercial mead either, only my own so I haven’t had a way to compare either. Had a couple come out so dry that it could have been declared a drought disaster area. Mixing it with an ale might have been an answer to that. I did back sweeten a blueberry that came out too dry and that turned out very drinkable and dangerous. Still have some in swing top bottles from about 10 years ago.

I did mix some of that pear Mead in my beer yesterday. One glass mixed with a pale ale and one with a dopplebock. The pale/Mead was better. Anyway it put me to sleep. Not something to be drinking while operating machinery.

Hey @sneezles61 you forget I was born in the Bronx in the 50s pegged pants ,white socks and fence climbers were the fashion

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When you say pegged pants… Straight legs so tight your foot would get stuck in them? Sneezles61

That’s right

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You may need to look up Red Fang Prehistoric Dogs for tips on making your own armor and swords, etc…

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