Anyone like beer in a can


Only if there is a little bit of ice in the can surrounding the keg. I hope there is a keg in there.

Fits two kegs. Lined with bubble wrap.

Nice brother! It’s like a rolling redneck jockey box. Haha. I need one of those.


Thanks, that’s kind of what I was going for

Is there a pony to pull that wagon?

Awesome! I assume the CO2 is inside also?

Yes the co2 tank is inside. Self contained. My wife is embarrassed that I may walk over to my friends house with it.


No pony yet but who knows maybe someday. My version of Budweiser’s Clydesdale wagon just scaled down

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minature horses!! Micro bud taster!! :laughing: Sneezles61

I kind of assumed that’s why you built it.

In the meantime, maybe you can train a big dog to pull it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got to thinking a guy could build a picnic table with wheels and a “kegster” Like you picture. Hook it up the yard tractor and scoot on down the road to the neighbors. Sneezles61

Brutus, the bullmastiff in my avatar could pull it around with little effort. I’ve had him drag the garbage can up my 500 foot long driveway in a cart. He just started walking and didn’t even glance back at it. Thing is, you have to keep him moving. Once stopped he’ll lie down and can be difficult to motivate unless you bring food.

Just an update. It worked great until the kegs needed replacing. The ice in there made it hard to drop in another keg. I think next time I’ll have my 3 gallon kegs for backup. They should fit

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That is awesome! Is the top the end of an old cable reel?

Back when I was a teen we had “trash can” parties. Used the plastic, food grade I hope, type. Poured in a bunch of fruit juice like Hi C and cut up fruit. Then everyone brought a bottle of who knows what. Think they also called it a Wapatui party. Yours looks much more sophisticated and less likely to cause liver damage.

No some mahogany I salvaged from a job

Nice. I ask because we had a large tree limb taken down by the lake and I had the tree service cut it about table height and parallel to the ground. Sealed the tree and bolted a cable reel end on top. Instant bar table. Next summer maybe some sanding and a coat of urethane. Photobucket


Nice. Great spot for it too!

Have you tried the old treat on a stick idea