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Anyone know what canning racks are made of?

Or, more importantly to my situation, if they would be harmful if left in a brew kettle for a 75 minute boil of 6.25 gallons of witbier because the offending homebrewer was annoyed that it didn’t hold up as he was sparging and fell into the kettle and then forgot about it…until like right now, when he is chilling and down to about 79* and the wit smells effing amazing due to the chamomile/white pepper/zest cocktail thrown in @ flameout?


In my experience, they’re usually either aluminum or mild steel.

which I really hope are not caustic/detrimental to beer, as this wit smells like a bucket of sunshine and rainbows.

The AL will be fine. The steel… time will tell. Let it ride.

Aluminum won’t be a problem. If it’s steel, it probably chromed, not a big deal unless its flaked off. Iron can cause problems.
Hope it turns out OK. :cheers:

^^ What Nighthawk said.

its also possible to be stainless steel which would be no problem. put a magnet to the metal if the magnet sticks its steel if it does not stick its stainless steel or aluminum.

I am not sure what they’re made of, but the rack that came with out set up started getting rusty at the welds within the first summer we canned. I may not have dried it off as well as I could. The ball site refers to it as “chrome plated” to “resist corrosion”.

There are stainless ones out there but not the one that come with the Ball 21-qt kit.

Not always true, Brother…There are “ferrous” stainless alloys. :slight_smile:

Not always true, Brother…There are “ferrous” stainless alloys. :slight_smile: [/quote]

I should have said food grade 308 or 316, cheap stainless may have some carbon.

10-4! :cheers:

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