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Anyone here from the Charlotte, Fort Mill and Rock Hill area


I just moved down from PA and am looking for local homebrewers. Also what is a good store for supplys down here?


Not from there but I worked for 10 years for INA USA in Fort Mill (across from Carowinds amusement park). As many times as I visited that area, I never saw a homebrew store.

Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people here to help out, offer advice and lend a hand.

Try Alternative Beverage in Charlotte, also known as My brother in law shops there all the time. Their Ph # is 704-527-2337. Hope this is helpful.

I live in Charleston and my parents live in Columbia. I know that there is a pretty decent homebrew store in the Columbia area. I try to visit as often as possible, seeing as how there isn’t anything in the Charleston area.

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