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Anyone had Anderson Valley Brewing: Summer Solstice?

Hey all.
I have finally found a craft brew that I think my wife will drink.
Has anyone had this beer?

With advertised IBU 6 and ABV 5 I am struggling to find an ingredient kit at NB that fits the bill.
Would be easier if I could sort the kits by IBUs

Any ideas?

I’ve never had it but that beer looks pretty easy to make without a kit. I don’t know the SRM but some light DME and steeping sine crystal 40 and crystal 80 to the correct SRM (which you can get pretty close by comparing the beer to a SRM scale).

It says it’s hopped with bravo so use a simple 60 min bittering charge to reach your targeted IBU. With bravo it won’t take much. And 6 IBU is awful low.

If you have brewing software you can play around with the ingredients to find a recipe that works for you. If not, there’s some free versions online.

Also, if it were me, at only 6 IBU I would likely replace some of the DME with table sugar to dry it out, since you don’t control the mashing process and ultimate fermentability of the wort. Malt extract usually finishes at a higher FG.

The label also says “natural flavor added.”

Based on their “cream soda” description, I wonder if it has a touch of vanilla flavoring in it as well?

Something that light must have something in it for flavor since it doesn’t have much hops.

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