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Anyone brew Megalodon?

I brewed the NB Megalodon kit last weekend. I’m wondering if anyone else has tried it, and would be willing to share notes…

The kit came with 2 lbs. corn sugar, but the recipe only called for 1.5 lbs. I figured, “Why waste fermentables?” so I gave it both bags. With the extra sugar, mine clocked in at 1.100.

It was a poorly planned brew day, so I didn’t make a starter for the 1056. I think I made up for that by pitching the 1056 AND a pack of US-05. Better to waste yeast money, than under pitch a 1.100. I also gave it a little extra time with the oxygen tank.

6 days later and the bubbler is finally showing signs of slowing, but is still going. It’s going to be difficult to stay patient on this one.

I’m brewing the all grain version this weekend and will let you know. I’ll likely do a starter for this one. I got the wyeast vs the dry yeast. High hopes for this.

Mine has been in the bottles for almost a month now. It’s wonderful, but such a big beer needs more time for bottle conditioning; it is still a bit flat. Count on a long time for the bottles, or force carb in kegs. Personally, if I had this available on tap, I’d worry about my liver exploding.

With the extra sugar, I’m at 10% ABV, which is the biggest beer I’ve done; the flavor is everything they promised, caramel, toffee, raisin, fig, which is almost in balance with the hops. If you’re doing all-grain you may get a lower FG than my 1.024, which will make for a better balance.

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