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Anyone bitter with Chinook?

Don’t generally use Chinook for bittering but had it on hand. Anyone care to chime in. I found it harsh.

interested. I have a full pound of chinook to use up in the next couple months. Was thinking of making a Smash Brew with it.

I’m not a fan of it alone… Using it with another as a dry hop… It seems to mingle better… Harsh, leaves me with a sore throat feeling… dank too… BUT, I’ve said what my fav’s are so, take my 2 cents worth with a bit of… make yer own damn beer and tell us! :sunglasses: Sneezles61

I did and I’m telling you harsh. I’m going back to basics Magnum for continental and nugget for everything else unless I change my mind


Nah, never used a C hop for bittering. Did a SMASH pale ale with citra, that was ok.
My go to bittering hops are Magnum and Northern Brewer.

I bittered with citra once, yeah alright is about right.

I’ve too bittered with Chinook a couple times and found it a harsh bitterness. Won’t be doing that anymore. Magnum? Yes please.

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Me did 2 months ago chinook. As bittering. My daughter. Taste master. Did not like it. She said. So did give her a beer with. Magnum. And one beer with. Cyro citra hops. Thats she likes

Another vote for Magnum here. A long time friend for bittering.

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