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Anybody use their home LP tank for brewing?

I want to attach my two burner single tier brew rig to my homes LP gas system.

I have a stubbed in line and when I hook up the brew rig I get very little pressure. Unlike when it was a natural gas rig, this is pretty whimpy.

What do I need to do to increase the pressure? If you have any ideas, or, know where I can go for resources I would would be thankful.

Hard to tell because I have no idea what you’re using. Generally LP and Natural gas appliances require different orifices. For example, most gas boilers come through with gas valves set up for Natural Gas, but are supplied with a LP conversion kit. Probably just have to install a smaller orifice in the gas valve, and you’ll get a better flame. You’ve probably got a very yellow “lazy” flame now no?

Another thing to consider if you have enough pressure getting to the burners. Your regulator on your tank may not be sized for the additional need such as your newly hooked up burners. Was the home furnace running at the same time?

Without knowing more I’d get in touch with the LP supplier and tell them what you want to do. You likely don’t want to have the brewing burners running, the furnace and any other gas appliance (oven) running at the same time and starve any one of them.

But, as mentioned before, it may be the orifice sizes need to be opened up. You can make a manometer and check the pressure to the burners (inches of water).

But… a phone call to the gas supplier should get you the right answer right away.

Good Luck,
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Yes, I will be calling my provider in the morning. Thanks. Great suggestion, sometimes the obvious is not so obvious.

I actually reinstalled my NG orfice and have the new LP orfice on the other burner. When I turn on the LP I get a very weak flame. In fact, I must, “light” the burner in a number of places before the whole burner is alight. The NG orfice provides a stronger flame but not anything like it was when I was hooked up to NG and those 170,00btu puppies sang.

Before you call them, go thru the list of your gas appliances in your home and add up all the BTUs they have on their individual labels. Out of safety, your regulator should be sized to be able to run when ALL are running at same time.
Also go look at your tank regulator and get any info off of it. It may help them figure out what needs to be done to get your flames cranked up and back brewing.

Please update us on what you did when it gets resolved.

Have a good one!
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I called my LP provider at 8AM Friday morning. By 10:30 they were at my home. The solution is to tap into my large tank and T off a line of around 70’ to my brew rig which will have its own regulator. The line is to be a high pressure rubber line. That actually is a good solution as I will be developing a dedicated brew house near that tank in the future and can use that line then as well. I will be connecting and disconnecting the hose for each brew day.

What I am asking the community for is any suggestions on purchasing either 3/8" or even 1/2" rubber line. My providers price is approaching $2.00 a foot. Anybody know of an alternative?

i had the same problem, i hooked up a line and had the same results, low pressure. i found out i would have to have a dual pressure regulator. so i bought a 100 lb tank and bought the rubber hose from my supplier, i know it wasn’t cheap but didn’t want to compromise the quality.

What I would do is get a 100 lb tank, you can rent them from your same propane supplier, place that right outside your brew shop.
No separate regulator needed just a longer hose to your burners and when they come to fill your big tank have them fill the new at the same time it should cost you the same for propane.

I had the same situation at my old place just call me and I can update you more about it.

In fact I think I have the hoses you need so don’t go buying any.

Update I’m going out to his place in the morning seems he already has two 100 lb cylinders full of propane and I’ll be bringing hoses and a regulator.

If you don’t hear from either of us again look up.

my supplier won’t fill my tank on site, they have to weigh it on a scale so i have to take it to the store.

I agree I was wrong and that is because it doesn’t have the QPD in it so it won’t stop it when its full that QPD is only in tanks up to 40 lbs.

I hauled some of my extra regulators and hose out to him took about 30 min and both of his burners are blasting heat off the 100 lb tank.

He well be brewing tomorrow.

As soon as Chuck read this thread he contacted me and offered his service. He showed up this morning with a a bunch of regulators, hoses and expertise and I am good to go. I will be brewing tomorrow thanks to him.

I met Chuck a number of years ago through this site when I was known as RepWI. I contacted him because his place of residence is within 50 miles of me. We brewed a number of times together and he did take this new guy under mentorship and we have developed a strong friendship.

That is what this hobby is all about. Those of us that decide to brew for the long term often find people in common and foster those relationships that would not have happened without this common hobby.

Chuck knows that I also will do something similar as he did for me today for fellow brewers. It is what makes this hobby great.

Chuck is in the process of developing a brew club in his town. If you live in west central Wisconsin, do contact him. Your brewing and love for the hobby will be enhanced.

Thanks Chuck

I know that Chuck has you fixed up now, but if you want in the future, rent or buy a 100 gallon propane tank to set by your brew house. They can fill it when they fill your furnace tank and you won’t ever run out of propane then.
Plus, you won’t have to worry about lugging the 100lb’er around to get filled anymore.

I was eyeballing a 100lb. propane tank at Menards yesterday. $117. Didn’t seem outrageous but I have nothing to compare to. Cheers!!!

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