Anybody use fermenters fizz drops?

Doing a few 1 gallon extracts I got from NB. I’ve used the fizz drops on a few bottles as a test, and they really don’t seem to work very well.

1.) They don’t fit my 16oz swing tops, so I have to slam them in, which sometimes makes a mess.
2.) They don’t seem to carbonate as well as my other method (dissolving sugar in boiled water, mixing beer with it in a bottling bucket/boil kettle).
3.) They leave a bunch of sediment at the bottom of the bottle that makes it harder to clean.

Am I doing something wrong, or do others have the same issue(s)?

I use them if I am just doing a 1 gallon batch because to me it’s easier. I think I am an oddity because I really don’t have any issues with them other than they don’t fit very well in when trying to get them into the bottle.

The one thing I do that I think some people might not do is that I will invert the bottles several times while they are conditioning, and immediately after bottling. I do this to make sure the drops don’t get stuck on the bottom of the bottle and to make sure that the sugar gets distributed to the rest of the bottle.

I know a lot of people have had problems with them. I really think inverting the bottle several times during conditioning makes a difference. I might also just be really really lucky to not have any issues with them. Hope this helped.

I’ve not heard a single good thing about fizz drops. I would look into this.. Each cube is 2.29g which 1 cube per bottle would be pretty close to most desired CO2 volumes.

That’s what I use, got the tip from @flars they work great. But it takes about three week’s to carbonate. With that being said I never thought of inverting the bottles I’ll try that next time I bottle.
Normally keg. But the sugar dots work well and drop into bottle easily.

I have used them occasionally and they have worked. They are hard to get into the flip tops. For liters bottles I use 2 so you may need more in your 22s. I always invert my bottles even when using regular sugar for two reasons keeps everything mixed up and 2. Identify any leakers.

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I like that domino idea. Surprised I havnt heard of it.

Geez, if anyone lives up near lake superior,Mn., I have a bottle I would give away! Sneezles61