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Anybody have Mitch steele's IPA book?

I’m looking for a Goose Island IPA clone. Through some searches I found references that there’s a recipe for it in there but no one actually posted the recipe. Anyone have the book and care to share the recipe?

special pale ale malt 100%

mash 25min at 159 then raise to 170 and hold for 10 min. mash has a gypsum addition

ph is adjusted again during the boil with acid additions

60min pilgrim 16%

whirlpool styrain goldings 60%, cascade 24%

og 1.062
fg 1.018
ibu 55

hope that helps. The book does not break it down for 5 gal batches and gives % for hops so you will have to figure some of it out. Seems like a very high mash temp I have never gone anywhere near that high.

You the man :cheers:

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